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Dairy Futures and Options are traded on the NZX electronic trading platform, NASDAQ OMX X-stream and cleared through NZ Clearing Corp.

As an exchange, NZX is the central marketplace that facilitates the trading of futures and options between participants. Supported by world class clearing system, NZ Clearing Corp, and a robust regulatory body, participants can be assured of transparency and security when they trade with NZX.

The NZX Derivatives market can be accessed from around the world by either direct access or by accessing through an accredited NZX Derivatives Participant.

Direct Access*

Direct access to the market can be through either the NZX network, a dedicated leased line or through internet VPN and requires accreditation as an NZX Derivatives Participant. Please refer to How The NZX Derivatives Market Works. and Guide to Participants for further information.

*Regulatory restrictions may prevent or condition some access in some jurisdictions

Accredited NZX Derivatives Participants

Robert Chesler
Vice President Foods Division
Phone: +1 312 456 3637


Tobias Lausch
Marketing - Commodity Futures APAC, BNP Paribas Commodity Futures
Phone: +65 6210 1259
Mobile: +65 9712 6043


Nigel Brunel
Director - Financial Markets
Phone: +64 9 523 1166
Mobile: +64 211 787 256


Mike McIntyre
Director, Head of Derivatives
Phone: +64 9 302 5521


Abbey Wilkins
Executive Assistant
Phone: +1 312 462 4499


Catie Lee
Director of Marketing
Phone: +1 312 242 7312


Brokers accessing through accredited NZX Derivatives Participants


Brian Rice
Phone: +1 312 492 4200


Jay Gartner
Associate Director
Phone: +65 6601 0929
Mobile: +65 9646 3765


Eric Meyer
Phone: +1 312 604 3080
Mobile: +1 312 953 3078


Phil Plourd
Phone: +1 608 249 5030

Independent Advisers


David Paton
Senior Advisor - Dairy
Mobile: +61 419 699 563


Henry Lin
Head of Consulting Services
Phone: +64 9 373 3719

Independent Software Vendors

To electronically trade on the NZX Derivatives Market each participant will need to choose trading software conformed to the NZX Derivatives Market. These Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) provide customers with a multitude of trading functionalities designed to accommodate a range of trading needs. In addition to the ISV offerings, participants can choose to utilise the NZX trading front end provided by NASDAQ OMX X-stream

Leighton Andrew
Managing Director Asia Pacific & Japan
Phone: +61 2 9235 2009


Phone: +64 9 300 5571


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For more information on how to access the NZX Futures Market, please call +64 (9) 309 3672 or email